Crass opportunism

Yesterday's bombings in London left many commuters stranded. London's hotels were reputedly only 80% full but instead of making the other 20% readily available (at cost or even free) as a gesture of solidarity, there are reports of massive price hikes, with some being charged double or more than the usual rate. This cynical behaviour does no credit to the industry or, indeed, to London.

A spokesman for the hotels trade organization, the British Hospitality Association, which represents hotels reportedly said he was 'surprised' by the increases, but evidently did not denounce them. For sure, the industry will face a difficult time for a while in the aftermath of the bombings—US travellers are apparently already cancelling in droves—but sympathy for their plight will be seriously dented by these acts of opportunistic greed.

Someone should publish a list of the culprit hotels.