Strawberry Fields?

The Consumers Association magazine Which? (online version) has recently reported on the techniques supermarkets deploy to entice us to part with our lolly. They opine that "The suspicion is that these specifications put more emphasis on how the food looks and how long it will last than on what it tastes like", but go on to say:

"However, our snapshot taste test of strawberries showed that Tesco's strawberries were as tasty as those from a farmer's market. We bought non-organic British strawberries from market leader Tesco, Islington Farmer's Market, and a market stall in Camden Town. We then ran a blind test, in total rating 234 strawberries for looks and taste. The result? There was no clear winner, with all three of the strawberries being preferred by almost equal numbers.

Have you noticed many farms in Islington, or strawberry fields in Camden, lately?