Apple vs. Apple

It was a relief to learn (from Daring Fireball) that Apple Corps (aka The Beatles) has lost its High Court action against Apple Computer for trademark infringement. This is also a victory for common sense. The only thing their trademarks have in common is their derivation from the humble apple—unsurprising in view of the companies' respective names. That Apple Corps was successful in brokering an out of court settlement in their favour in 1991 is now largely rendered irrelevant by recent events: Apple Computer has become immensely successful in the electronic music gadget and distribution business, whilst Apple Corps' impact in the music creation business has been negligible of late. Perhaps its action was a reflection of the colour of its apple.

The only unsatisfactory rider to the story is that Apple Corps intends to appeal. Why not just move on and earn some extra (r|l)oyalty by allowing us to obtain your music legally, via the iTunes store?