Restoring one's faith

For many years now we have bought coffee beans in bulk from H.R. Higgins (Coffee-man) Ltd, following a recommendation from the late Sheila Callender. Higgins has a wide range of excellent coffees and their service is impeccable. We buy our coffee in 250 gram vacuum-packed foil bags whose extra cost is more than offset by bulk purchase. We then keep the bags in the freezer until needed. Higgins reckons that coffe beans keep fresh in their foil bags for six months without freezing. A bulk purchase lasts us three months and tastes absolutely fresh throughout.

As an example of one of the advantages of dealing with a long-established family business (and I don't mean the likes of Sainsbury's), added to the bottom of the invoice for our most recent purchase was the following:

We are very sorry to find that we omitted the 10% discount on your invoice for 19th January. We have deducted it from this order and assure you of more careful attention in the future.